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The Community Programme creates opportunities for people who have experienced life changing mental health problems to meet new people with shared experiences, to gain new skills and to enjoy a social and friendly atmosphere: usually around some food.

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The Sunday Lunch Service takes place at Windmill Court and in the Community. The Thursday Healthy eating Service always takes place at Harmony Hall.

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We also produce a newsletter with a wealth of information and experiences of people who are involved in the programme, you can get a copy of it here or ask us to send you a copy - you can contact us using the details set out on the left

We are also trying to collect useful information about interesting things to get involved in the community here is some interesting information about sporting and leisure activities in the community

Its still a work in progress we need to add section on adult education and develop the section on mental health and well being . We would like people to send in nominations for good local cafes they have used that provide value for money and they would recommend to others . We will then add a section on recommended community cafe's



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